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Perfect Score by Jon Allen

Perfect Score by Jon Allen

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This is the perfect accompaniment to MiniBook Pro

Ships from the UK

Are you longing for the ability to flawlessly execute a Mercury Card Fold every single time? Your wish is now granted!

Are you in search of a swift and effortless method to prepare cards for tearing in Torn & Restored routines? Look no further!

No hassle. No concerns.

Jon Allen's 'Perfect Score' emerges as an invaluable tool for magicians. Countless individuals struggle with achieving a truly impeccable Mercury Card fold, even after extensive practice. With 'Perfect Score,' you can now ready a card in mere seconds to achieve a flawless quarter or sixth fold.

'Perfect Score' is a robust template and scoring instrument designed to assist you in swiftly and effortlessly preparing cards for impeccable quarter or sixth folds. No matter which Card to Box routine you perform, 'Perfect Score' will prove indispensable, particularly for those instances where the folded 'card' must fit snugly inside the box or when the signed card is a tight fit.

Irrespective of the design on your cards or any printing imperfections, 'Perfect Score' unfailingly positions the scoring lines perfectly each time.

Surprisingly, it even excels at scoring blank cards into precise quarters or sixths!

While achieving a flawlessly folded, signed card that matches the 'card' inside the box offers a distinct advantage, 'Perfect Score' can also enhance other routines. Whether you're aiming for a polished 'folded card revelation,' exploring torn and restored card routines, or working with pocket indexes, 'Perfect Score' has you covered.

Included in the accompanying booklet is Jon's "add-a-number" prediction routine, where the sum of several numbers aligns perfectly with the prediction that has remained in plain sight on the table throughout the performance!

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Customer Reviews

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Richard James
The easy way to Score your Cards

I got this to help me score the cards that originally came MiniBook Pro. It works perfectly as makes it so easy that it almost feels like cheating!