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MiniBook Pro Refill Deck - Scored

MiniBook Pro Refill Deck - Scored

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People are calling MiniBook Pro the “trick of the year” and now you can get refills! The magical reveal of MiniBook Pro is stunning and you’ll want to give the spectators the signed card as an incredible souvenir that cements the magical moment.

You will receive 56 custom printed gaffs to allow you to carry on blowing minds with MiniBook Pro. No instructions or additional props included. 

The cards have each been scored by hand to ensure that the score lines aren't visible to the spectator, but that they are still easily folded when required. Please watch the MiniBook Pro instruction video where the scoring of the cards is discussed. All scored decks are in an unwrapped box (not in cellophane). 

Shipped from the UK and the US - if you are outside the UK or the US please be aware that customs fees may be charged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

The extra $5 is worth having them scored for you

Ephrem Clarke
Mini book pro refills

Great value for money receiving the cards already scored.
Great supplier, great people.

Michael Thomas Shortall
Minibook Pro scored cards review

The scored cards are brilliant and with the miss direction in the routine makes the mercury fold so easy to do. The cards are not all of the same value which is a very nice plus.


My first experience with scored cards and wow! I'm amazed!

MiniBook Pro Scored Refill Deck

I know, what’s not to like about a refill deck…well, 2 things. Just to preface that, I want to emphasize that I just love the trick itself. There is so much misdirection, even I could do the Mercury Fold in front of them. I, in fact consider this trick “training wheels” for other tricks involving the MC. Getting on with the review for the refill deck ONLY.

1. The scoring is a bit too shallow for me. I’ve tried going over the precut scores, but just not the same, as it a bit hard to go over a score that was not previously performed by yourself.

2. The most disappointing is the scoring along the width of the card is not along the hash marks. This makes the fold along the width about 1 mm off.

I know, the pro’s are going to say the audience won’t even notice this. Perhaps, but I’m but a mere hobbyist that performs only for friends and family. In that setting, you really don’t want to get busted when you only perform 1 trick for them every 6 months. If you are picky about your scoring, buy them unscored and score them yourself.