Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

We certainly do! We’ve got erm, shipping depots (ok, piled high in every corner of our houses) in London and Glasgow and we will ship anywhere. We even have a friend helping us in the US so if you order in the United States, it will ship from Seattle.

I’ve got an idea for a routine I’m interested in releasing through Trick Trick Boom. Are you interested in chatting?

We’d love to hear about any ideas you have and obviously, in the strictest confidence. Send us a message on here or on the socials. You’ll also get the creative input from both Roddy and Noel to whittle your cool trick into a Trick Trick Boom trick.

How long do products take to ship? 

We hope to ship same day. 

Why should I buy directly from the creators?

It’ll give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside! We aren’t a huge magic company but we hope to grow. To do that, we need support from magicians around the world. We pride ourselves on our customer service so you’ll always get great service with a personal touch.

Do you have a physical shop?

We don’t have a physical shop no but we hope to regularly attend magic conventions to demo our cool stuff and if you order, your product will be shipped same day.

My product hasn’t arrived!

Drop us a line!

I love MiniBook but I don’t want to have to score the cards.

You’re in luck! If you want, you can buy a deck with the cards pre-scored from us.

Is your magic suitable for beginners?

We aim to remove as much complicated sleight of hand as possible but if you are unsure on any particular product, drop us a message and we will give you guidance.

Will you guys have a stand at a magic convention I’m going to? 

We will be at Blackpool for sure, but we will have to see about others. Follow us on the socials or sign up to our emails to hear about where we'll be appearing.

Do you offer a dealer dem and/or lecture for magic clubs or conventions?

Noel has quit lecturing but Roddy loves to lecture! If you book him he’s sure to show you some of the Trick Trick Boom line and maybe you’ll get a sneak preview of what’s to come!

I work for a magic shop, can I get tricks from you wholesale?

Not at this time but that might change.