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Super Deal Refill Decks

Super Deal Refill Decks

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Do you love MiniBook Pro as much as we do? Are you a professional magician who's going to be performing this a lot? Then you need our limited time super deal! Buy five decks and get a sixth one free!  No instructions or additional props included.

£65 plus shipping for 6 unscored refills. 

£85 plus shipping for 6 scored refills. 

People are calling MiniBook Pro the “trick of the year”. The magical reveal of MiniBook Pro is stunning and you’ll want to give the spectators the signed card as an incredible souvenir that cements the magical moment. 

Please note: for scored decks, the cards have each been scored by hand to ensure that the score lines aren't visible to the spectator, but that they are still easily folded when required. Please watch the MiniBook Pro instruction video where the scoring of the cards is discussed. All scored decks are in an unwrapped box (not in cellophane) sealed with a clear circular sticker. 

For unscored decks, to learn how to score the cards please watch the MiniBook Pro instruction video. 

Shipped from the UK and the US  - if you are outside the UK or the US please be aware that customs fees may be charged.

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