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The Fall by Noel Qualter

The Fall by Noel Qualter

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*Shipped from the UK - if you are in the US and want to purchase this item, please contact us*

Finally! A visually stunning approach to the ‘Card-Thru-Window’ plot that is 100% practical as a 20 times a night repeatable trick for real people out in the real world.

Introducing… The Fall.

The Fall is an amazingly visual penetration of a playing card through a clear sheet of plastic or a clear bag. It is the PERFECT walk-around miracle that also looks visually spectacular on social media.

The Fall comes beautifully packaged, with expert instruction and everything you need to perform this worker’s dream. You will receive a normal, un-gimmicked clear plastic bag that folds down to a small, easy-carry size, the special custom gimmicked cards that do all the work for you and the little secret something that makes the whole thing super-easy to perform.

The Fall is:

  • Crazy visual
  • An impossible moment they SEE and FEEL
  • Perfect for any situation
  • Great for social media
  • Even better in real life
  • Killer one-on-one
  • Killer for a group
  • Only a 5 second reset
  • Perfect for loud environments like nightclubs (it’s hyper-visual) 
  • Easy to do
  • The perfect packs-small plays-massive trick
  • Your new favourite visual miracle

“A trick made for TV, that is too easy for how good it looks!”

Tom Elderfield 

“The Fall is a rare trick that looks as good on social media as it does in real life. A direct, simple to perform piece of hyper visual magic that is sure to excite even the most jaded.”

Luke Jermay

Insanely visual. Perfect for receptions and cocktails.”

Nick Einhorn

“Noels ability to create original, visual, practical effects is seemingly boundless. The Fall is no exception. Its a Copperfield style grand illusion you can pop in your pocket.”

Roddy McGhie


*Shipped from the UK - if you are in the US and want to purchase this item, please contact us*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lee Taylor
Discovering Trick Trick Boom!

After my very first visit to the Blackpool Magic Convention and being a recent convert to the World of magic, I found myself overwhelmed by the choice of tricks and stalls. Unfortunately I bypassed the Trick Trick Boom lads and it wasn’t until I got home that I discovered their products and am I glad that I have. The Fall is fantastic! It is fun, effective, clever and entertaining. The instructional video by Noel is comprehensive and covers absolutely everything you need to know in order to perform this trick well. V happy!

Martin C orker

Brilliant trick getting amazing reactions so good can't wait to get my next trick from trick trick boom