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Trick Trick Boom Ltd

MiniBook Pro Refill Deck

MiniBook Pro Refill Deck

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People are calling MiniBook Pro the “trick of the year” and now you can get refills! The magical reveal of MiniBook Pro is stunning and you’ll want to give the spectators the signed card as an incredible souvenir that cements the magical moment.

You will receive 56 custom printed gaffs to allow you to carry on blowing minds with MiniBook Pro. No instructions or additional props included. To learn how to score the cards please watch the MiniBook Pro instruction video. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Eric Bedard
MiniBook Pro

Best new trick of the last few years! Gets jaw dropping reactions - at a gig the other night, a lady said “that is the best magic trick I have ever seen. That was amazing - can I keep this???” BRILLIANT.

Jon Avent
What’s not to like?

What a great product and a great service from TTB….. no hype, no bull, just great solid value for money and awesome creativity….

Ken Francis

What more can I say lol

Danny Marsh
Brilliant price for refills.

Trick of 2023 and the refills are a superb price and a variety of values. Perfect.

In love

I have to admit it, I'm in love with this trick. Is simple, effective, gives a great impression and you can get great ashtonisment in the espectators. And, of course, they get a beautiful souvenir that can be signed, or you can write tour telephone in it for further shows. This is the magic that I love. Just in love with it.