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MiniBook Pro leather case

MiniBook Pro leather case

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Introducing MiniBook Go, the premium leather case to protect your MiniBook Pro.

MiniBook Pro is one of the strongest tricks you can do for real people, it blows the brains of everybody that watches it live. You want to do MiniBook Pro every chance you can so you’ll always want to carry the gimmicks with you. Well, with the MiniBook Go case, now you can. MiniBook Go is a stylish leather case designed by Tony Antoniou from and produced and manufactured by Trick Trick Boom. 

The MiniBook Go case can hold up to 10 x MiniBook Pro gaffs and the all important laptop in a safe, secure and stylish case. If you're a pro, just chuck MiniBook Go in your close up case and you're ready to stun at your next gig, knowing it’s all protected. The MiniBook Go is a perfect every day carry too, just pop it in your pocket and you're only 5 seconds away from releasing the rocket fuel that is MiniBook Pro.


We are also including a LASER ETCHED new laptop with the MiniBook Go case. The same classic design laptop, but we have used a laser cutter to etch the spades logo into the back. 


To get you started we will also include 10 x scored MiniBook Pro cards. 

The best trick of the decade* deserves the best case.


*Harold Cataquet, The Magic Circular magazine, Jan 24.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bernard Mariano
A whole new level of convenience and safety

This arrived well packed today and I was over the moon. It solves the problem of carrying the loose mini book and well as the cards in my pocket and makes it super convenient! Thanks for designing and creating such an excellent accessory to an already superb product 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Andy Kean
Fantastic product

Amazing design , good quality
Product already rigorously tested just getting here to New Zealand I think I will work to soften the leather although this may happen naturally over time . Highly recommended

Stuart Davies
Excellent product of the highest quality!

This is the perfect companion for MiniBook Pro. I now have an extremely well made leather carrying case with everything I need to perform the trick (minus the deck of cards). In addition, they also include a new MiniBook prop with the logo permanently etched (it used to be a sticker). Ten new scored cards thrown in for good measure and you've got an absolute bargain! Brilliant purchase.

Roland Valentine
Lovely addition to a great truck.

I would have given it five stars but for me the leather pouch that holds the lap top could have been made out of thinner/softer leather to make it easier to get the laptop out. I know it will eventually soften but it’s going to take a long time.

Darren Ryder
Consistently Awesome

The leather case is lovely and considering how much leather cases can cost to get a laptop and ten spare cards is amazing value for money! Thank you T’T’Boom!