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MiniBook Pro

MiniBook Pro

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"MiniBook Pro has it all. It's a powerful, funny, easy, visual, topical, and memorable routine with a fantastic, surprise ending. Pro level outside of the box creativity. This is a new classic for the current times everybody will love to perform, especially professionals. The spectators keep the magic which guarantees an unforgettable performance. Highly recommended!"
- Bob Kohler

"I can't imagine being a layperson and having a card trick change everything I know about the laws of nature. What a fantastic, impossible moment you've created, and it happens right in their hands."
-Chad Long

It's time to bring your magic kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

MiniBook Pro is the most commercial trick in a generation.

Here's why:

  • Techy magic
  • Cool and relevant
  • Eye-popping visual production
  • Built-in funny presentation
  • Easy to do - no difficult sleights
  • HUGE surprise finish
  • Devastatingly strong reactions - guaranteed
  • Spectator keeps a souvenir of the magic moment


You start your act with the super-visual production of a mini laptop, then have some fun with the tiny computer, saying it can the find the spectator's card - but it fails. When your spectator looks back at the MiniBook Pro their brain melts as they realize that it has impossibly morphed into their signed card! A mind-blowing finish that creates screams, laughter and astonishment. Then you get to freeze the magic moment by giving them an impossible souvenir. This is the kind of magic that your spectators will talk about for years!

"I love this trick! I will burn your house down if you don't immediately send me one."
-Piff the Magic Dragon

"Great visual opener, fun interactive presentation and killer ending - what more could any performer want?!"
-Bill Abbott

What tricks can you think of where an object transforms in the spectator's own hands without them realizing? It's ok, I'll me either.

When they slowly realize what's happened it's a moment of pure surprise and delight.

"Ohhhh wait..f*ck you. I didn't see that coming tbh. You took two plots I love and made an incredibly fun routine. Love it!"
-Calen Morelli

"This routine is so smart. It's really everything you could possibly want from a close up effect."
-Ben Seidman


The king of digital magic, Marc Kerstein has also created a brilliant solution for us to allow you to pull the laptop from the spectator's own phone! You borrow any smart phone and ask the spectator to visit a website, you take the phone from them and pull the laptop from their phone. They will never discover the secret as it automatically cleans itself up.

"It is delightful to watch their expressions when one thing, in their heads, transforms into something else. This trick is a true reality twister."
-Tom Stone

"Starts as a trendy gag and flips into a hard hitting miracle that's hiding in plain sight on the palm of their hand. Great thinking!"
-Apollo Robbins


You receive 26 gaffs (refills are available too)

A tiny toy computer made of metal, manufactured by a specialist toy company and then customized by the man with the million dollar hands, Roddy McGhie.


Over 3 hours of video including a segment where Noel & Roddy talk over live performance footage highlighting the incredible misdirection that's built in to the routine. They give advice, tips and tricks and explain the psychology. They've done all the hard work so you don't have to. You'll be producing laptops and melting minds in no time.

You need to do some quick one-time prep of the gimmicks when you receive them and then you are good to go.


  • Works with any back design (with standard faces)
  • Multiple different value cards included
  • Produce the MiniBook Pro from your phone (no internet needed) or spectator's phone
  • Signed and unsigned routines
  • Two-second reset
  • Can be done in spectator's hands
  • Laptop production works great for social media
  • Perfect routine for pro magicians or those that want to look like pros

Built for pros, loved by everybody. This is MiniBook Pro.


"As an expert in all things that involve cute miniature props in amazing card tricks, I can unequivocally say this is the most amazing I have seen. Just don't tell my little plunger friend OK?"
-Jon Armstrong

"A ridiculous premise with a surprise ending, that's my kind of trick, I love it!"
-John Archer

"MiniBook Pro is a killer! A real worker that you will always get great reaction with."
-Etienne Pradier

"Roddy showed this to me some months ago. Since then, I've been waiting until he release this soooo badly to start perform it! NOW I CAN."
-Julio Montoro

"Haha! Brilliant. So clever. Super-commercial and a real, genuine surprise that creates a surreal and astonishing moment of magic."
-Mark Elsdon

"If I was still gigging I would 100% do it!"
-Andy Nyman

"This is creativity at its finest! Everything is incredibly unexpected, from the opening to the ending. Great job!"
-Henry Harrius

"I think this is just fabulous, it's a fully layered routine with so much room to make it your own. It's highly interactive and extremely comical with a massive 'cute' factor. NOBODY sees the ending coming."
-Jamie Allan

"MiniBook Pro is super visual with a great kicker. I could go on but it's just so f****** good."
-Dan Haus

Shipped from the UK and the US - if you are outside the UK or the US please be aware that customs fees may be charged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Simply amazing.

A real worker and a great improvement on an old plot/trick.
The little laptop is funny and cute by itself, the following trick is super powerful... Just get this!

Tom Rolfe
Great Effect

This is a hard hitting card effect. Very easy to learn and fun to perform. The team have built a winner.

Barry Joyce

Brilliant best close-up trick for a long time
Reaction from public is amazing

Louise Andrée
Proof that great things come in small packages!

Cannot believe the reactions I got from this having performed it for the first time at a tech in education conference. Trick trick boom have created something really special here - turning a card trick into something so current and appropriate for the digital world we now live in . The multi layers of the routine are what sets this apart - from the initial production of the mini book from the spectators phone - a mini miracle in itself - to the final reveal of the card- the fact the spectator can freely shuffle the cards …

The almost 3 hour long tutorial is gold - Noel and Roddy have covered every single element of performing this - you can tell a lot of research and flight time has gone into this before it being released as they’ve got a solution to every problem you might encounter before it’s even happened . Even the packaging is lovely .

I was initially sceptical about how much heat would be on certain elements of the routine , but as they mention in the video, nobody notices at all and because of the way they have structured the routine you are always way ahead of your audience . Wouldn’t normally say this but even if this was double or triple the price it would be worth every penny. Trick of the year for sure !

David Leeson
Just inspired

Brought this in prep for a gig in two weeks. Loving it and it will be performed at least 15 times that night. In one trial run participant actually rebooted 3 times before noticing!